Demi Lovato performing in São Paulo, Brazil (04/22)

Demi Lovato at her press conference in São Paulo, Brazil.

Our lives consist of the beauty we fill them with - the more beauty we surround ourselves with, the richer our lives will be. But waiting everything more and more blocks us from enjoying the things we already have. It’s good to want things in life, but it’s also important not to be greedy.

Press Conference in Brazil (04/22)

make me choose: demi lovato edition

    ↳ anon asked:  redvato or blackvato

Demi at the Press Conference in San Pablo

What’s been the highlight travelling around the country, seeing all of your fans?

Demi talking about when she was ganged up on in the locker room, then chased into hiding in a bathroom stall.

Demi Lovato music videos; color palettes {insp.}